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We're open Christmas Day in Waikiki.


Now Hiring
We, Musubi Cafe Iyasume, are looking for part timers (no experience required) with set schedule for following branches:


2 Any Musubi For Fundraising.
2 Any Musubi For Fundraising. A minimum of 200 tickets must be purchased. Your organization’s cost for the tickets is $600 plus applicable GET* (...


We make(Nigiru) our Musubi(Rice ball) by using delicious Koshihikari Rice and they are all handmade. We serve and spread Omotenashi (hospitality) to the locals of Hawaii and tourists
that is beloved both by local communities and around the world.

Iyasume's Commitiment

Musubi offering with premium rice and its handmade persistence

From the foundation in 2000 to the present, we use the finest Californian Premium Koshihikari, Tamaki Gold.

With the thought of tying the edges, we are carefully handmade one by one.

Iyasume's Spirit

Spam Musubi, unique in Hawaii

There are various kinds of Spam musubi, such as teriyaki spam with exquisite sweet and salty (Amakara) seasoning, with the creative style and original combination.

Plum Cucumber Spam Musubi, Avocado Bacon Egg Spam Musubi, Eel Egg Spam Musubi, Takuan Pickles Spam Musubi, and other rice balls that the combination of Japanese and Hawaiian culinary traditions serving at all of our locations on every single day.

The Origin of Iyasume

Stomach-friendly Musubi after you tired of a heavy meal

A gentle healing Musubi is perfect for the rough stomach after eating too heavy.

We always have very wide selection of fresh ingredients, and also offer organic brown rice and 10(ten)-grain rice (both NO MSG/NON GMO) Its taste makes you feel relaxed, and wants to keep eating them. That’s the IYASUME taste.


OUR LOCATION7 stores in Hawaii centering on Waikiki.


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IYASUME PRODUCTS Now on sale at each store of Iyasume and online shop!

Hawaii's Musubi Marinade & Sauce (Teriyaki Taste)
Original Musubi Marinade & Sauce
$10.98/ 15 oz
Mini Musubi Eco Bag - Musubi Beach
Size : 9"H x 8"W x 5.75"D
Mini Musubi Eco Bag - Musubi Jam Red
Size : 9"H x 8"W x 5.75"D
Medium Musubi Eco Bag - Musubi Jam Turq
Size : 11.25"H x 10.25"W x 6.75"D
Packable Reusable Bag (Hawaiian Local Food)
Size : 18.50" W x 15.50" H